Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Great new website!

Are you like me? Did you choose to hoard your wine corks when you started getting in to wine? Do you now have an obnoxious barrel of old corks from every freaking bottle of wine that you ever freaking consumed? If so, check out this website.
This is a great idea for all of us who feel that they need to retain useless cork from our favorite bottle of wine. This is a sort of hippie way to use the cork, but when you go to their website, you may agree that saving or throwing away cork is not the best idea. This is especially true when you see good wine makers going to artificial or glass stoppers for their wine. I bought a semi-expensive bottle a few months ago and wanted to save it for a special occasion. When I finally decided to pop it open, there was a plastic cork in the bottle that had flaked apart and ruined the bottle.
With that semi-pathetically told story, click on the above link and send you old dusty corks to this company. You may even get a comfortable pair of sandals out of it.

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