Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Charcuterie Heaven

I was recently in the 1730 Chestnut St. location of Philly's famous DiBruno Bros. Italian Market just poking my head around at lunch time. I usually stop at the cured meats station and oogle the duck prosciutto, the Jamon Iberico de Bellota (a spanish acorn fed black foot ham at $32.00/4 oz.), and the Prosciutto di Parma Black Label Riserva, which is one of the finest dried meats that one can buy in the U.S. I often look at them like Wayne Campbell gawking at the Fender Stratocaster through the window in Wayne's World.

That day it was a salami that took the top stop for me, however. It was a Mole flavored salami changed the way I look at cured meats. While Prosciutto di Parma is a celebrated world over for its salty refinment, this salami was miles ahead in flavor and complexity: it tasted distinctly of chocolate, cinnamon, and chipotle peppers, but with a satly pork flavor you would expect from a salami. Created by Armandino Batali, he is the father of celebrity chef and culinary giant Mario Batali, this Salumi (his Seattle storefront) creation is something to be marveled at. I suggest your next trip into Philly includes a stop at DiBruno's to taste it. Also, go on Salumi's website for products shipped all over the country at www.Salumicuredmeats.com.


  1. I love this stuff. I have had it a few times. It is a little expensive, but worth it.

  2. You know how Jonny loves his meats (meant in slightly a less-sick way than it sounds)..and DiBruno's is like a candy store for us! We'll have to see if they have the salami the next time we go - or maybe meet you for lunch :)