Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What do you want to read about?

I have been selfishly writing only about topics that I have found interesting and useful. However, you, the reader, are the person I am trying to reach. So, send me some topics that you might find useful, have always wondered about, and want to read about. Use the comment section of this post to suggest topics.



  1. Would love for you to share some of the wonderful dishes you and I have prepared. How about the pan seared sea bass with brussels and sweet potato?? Nice!

  2. I just loved the Arugula w/parmesan, toasted almond, lemon honey dressing that we devoured in DE! Or the Smoked Trout dip w/apple, horseradish, celery & crackers that Dad had as an appetizer? MOM

  3. I would be neglectful not to mention the necessity of the wonderful balsamic vinegars you have gotten me addicted to. They have become critical in my daily consumption of salads, as well as, tasty reductions with meats, chicken and fish. This shop warrants recognition, I think!

    Addicted to Balsamic!

  4. Good luck in your new home and your new kitchen.
    Wishing you and Christa many happy meals with each other and with family and friends. We sure appreciate good food and appreciate your contributions and expertise. You are special and you are loved.
    Anna, AKA Mom C